difference between personality and attitude

Identities are moderately steady. That is essential since it implies that at work, you are not going to change the identity of the general population you interact with. We are our identity.

I think the benefit of knowing how to “peruse” identity is principally to enable pioneers to comprehend their own fundamental identity measurements, and afterward to figure out how to stress the positive and relieve the negative parts of their own style. It likewise causes you comprehend others to know something about their identity – learning that you can use to control YOUR conduct. Furthermore, your own conduct is the thing you have the most control over at work. Attitude does not give up

Demeanors, then again, are liable to change. We need to change dispositions in light of the conviction that states of mind impact conduct. However, you can’t simply discuss “awful” and “great” states of mind. That is trivial and as a rule speaks to close to a “habitual pettiness”.